Types of Sex Crimes

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Sex crimes can have a serious consequence on the offender. The fact that they will have to register as a sex offender alone is already a crime. Being convicted of these crimes can seriously alter their life. The seriousness of the offense will also depend on the type of the crime. The category will also determine the penalties and jail sentence. In this article, we shall take a look at the types of sex crimes.

First Degree

First degree sex crimes involve sexual penetration and the presence of other factors which indicates the severity of the offense. It may involve a minor victim, blood relative, or mental or physical handicap. It may also involve the presence of force or threat.

Second Degree

In second degree sex crimes, there is no sexual penetration but the action involves the presence of several factors mentioned above.

Third Degree

In third degree sex crimes, there is sexual penetration but the other aggravating factors of first degree sex crimes are absent. These offenses involve a victim who is 13 to 16 years old and the offender is a relative.

Fourth Degree

A fourth degree sex crime is any offense that does not rise to the category of various felonies. The victim is a minor and mentally handicapped and the offender is a blood relative. It also involves force or threat, false pretense or surprise, and unethical medical treatment. Fourth degree sex crimes are misdemeanor offenses but is really a felony.

A sex crime is a serious offense. The charges that will be filed against the offender can really affect their reputation and personal life. They may even find themselves arrested while on vacation. It will now be up to their lawyer to make the charges lighter. Even so, you will be tagged as a sex offender all your life and that alone can be a life changer.

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