Slow Down

Posted By Arif on Aug 16, 2017 | 0 comments

With the increased demand for round the clock commitments many drivers fall guilty under the category of driving recklessly and too quickly. While speed limits may be set at reasonable rates of speed there are many cars that can easily accelerate well over that limit and with little to no effort. Agencies like the U.S. Federal Highway Administration continue to gather data in hopes that it will provide better insight for auto accidents in order to find methods of prevention. Too long has the extremely unsafe conditions of U.S. roadways gone unnoticed. The United States is home to some of the most dangerous roads in the world with regards to deaths caused by motor vehicles. Efforts to end the slaughtering of millions of fellow citizens are working towards a safer future for all members of society.

Nearly every single driver knows what it feels like to drive while under a strain for time. With the high demands of jobs and other deadline based responsibilities speeding while driving has become a major everyday catastrophe. The reckless endangerment of the driver and the cars around said the driver can not go free without serious solutions being implemented. Typically drivers speed for a variety of reasons including distracted driving while being on devices, eating or drinking, and during a fit of road rage. The stress that consumes people in their day to day life is being seen to carry over into the driving habits of the individual. Any slight inconvenience while driving could spark a manic episode in which the driver goes on a rampage. Occurrences like this are extremely common and pose a great danger to the rest of the population. To keep up with high demand for access to roads and quick travel, government agencies have raised speed limits in hopes of making roads seem less busy. While traffic may move more quickly this creates other issues such as lack of control of the vehicle and the possibility of being severely injured or injuring others. Drivers now take it upon themselves to determine the speed limit for a particular stretch of road. This inconsistency in relation to the other drivers that surround them is the basis for standard auto accident occurrences.

To conclude, roadways have become drag race strips where individual drivers can break free from the flow of traffic and swerve around cars until they are leading from a good distance. The act of speeding greatly over the designated speed limit is extremely dangerous and could result in death for the driver or other drivers on the road. In their research, NHTSA reported that speeding was the main cause in roughly 31% of fatal crashes on the road. Speeding accidents are very costly and if trends continue speeding will cost our country over $40 billion. It is mandatory that all drivers become aware of the true dangers of speeding while driving. Most drivers assume that a simple five miles over the speed limit are harmless, but when tragedy strikes and the fabric of one’s very life is changed forever it becomes clear that speed control is crucial to the safe operations on roadways.

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