Car Accidents: Common Causal Factors

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Car accidents are often devastating enough to cause injuries and deaths, but for some reason, they are still fairly common in American roads, as if people are not doing enough to prevent them from happening.

The accidents are even worse if they have been caused by negligent or reckless parties and have injured innocent motorists and pedestrians. Usually, this party is another driver, a designer or manufacturer of a vehicle or its parts, a construction company, or a local government.


The driver is the one controlling the car, so it is not surprising that he is one of the most common causes of car accidents. The worst drivers are those who drive while drunk, under the influence of drugs, or fatigued. But those who are reckless on the road, such as those who speed, street race, and tailgate, are not any better.


There are times where even the most diligent drivers get involved in accidents because of the incompetence of the designer or manufacturer of their cars or their parts, like when airbags fail to deploy properly, brakes do not do their one job, doors don’t latch fully, seatbelts don’t properly restrain car occupants, or tires give in.

Construction Company

Even a safe driver with a car free of defects can be involved in an accident, and this is because of another external factor – the condition of the road. The construction company may be responsible for the construction and design of the road, so if the road has construction and design problems that have caused accidents, it may be held liable. The most common problems include dangerously abrupt turns, overly narrow lanes and shoulders, and use of weak materials that make the road too vulnerable to defects.

Local Government

Another entity that can be held liable for road defects is the local government. Most of the time, it is the one handling the maintenance of the roads in its area of responsibility, so any maintenance problem that results into a car accident is on them. The most common maintenance problems include defective traffic lights and road signs, overgrowth that may influence visibility, debris that is not properly cleaned up, and pavement defects such as potholes.

What to Do

Prevention will always be better than cure. But if an accident does happen, the website of Mazin & Associates, PC, has enumerated the things you can do, including contacting authorities for help and making sure to get important information such as name and phone number of involved motorists.

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