Can a Criminal Conviction Affect My Job Prospects?

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Finding a job can be difficult nowadays. Even if you have the best skills with the most impressive credentials, there is still no assurance that you will be able to land in a job that you have long targeted. With a criminal record, the prospect of getting a job may be bleaker. Figures from the National Employment Law Project revealed that 1 in 4 Americans have arrest or conviction records which make applying for a job a real challenge.

Your career will depend on your criminal case. Although you may have served out your sentence, there is still a stigma of being a criminal once and employers will take a look at this when you apply for a job. In most states, public agencies and certain private companies conduct background investigations on prospective employees. The potential employer will be able to obtain information regarding past criminal records.

The good news is that a criminal record will not exclude you from finding employment. Depending on the kind of work you are applying and its location, it is still possible to land a job to get you off your feet after criminal conviction. The type of crime you committed will make you disqualified for certain jobs. For example, you were charged with a financial-related crime so it is unlikely that you will work in a financial company such as in insurance or banking.

Another factor that may work in your favor is the amount of time that the crime has been committed. In some states, there is a limit to the amount of time on considering the criminal record. Other states, however, consider at past convictions even if it is as old as 20 years ago. Likewise, most employers consider it illegal to immediately and totally disqualify applicants with a criminal record.

The best advice that a New York City employment attorney will give you is to have a friend or family who knows you vouch for your character. Another way is to provide excellent personal or professional references from people who knows your personality.

A criminal record can have an impact on your ability to land a job. However, there are ways you can still get a job even with a history of arrests or convictions.

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